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Grit, Guts and Confidence



He wasn’t giving up. Last time he almost had him and he just knew he could do it this time. The pain in his shoulder and body was apparent to everyone watching. It was a hell of a fight… I could see that Max was also exhausted and winded. They both wanted it. At previous tournaments Max had beaten Devin without much ado. But something had definitely changed. At supper, later that day, going over the day’s excitement at EOSSA Wrestling (Eastern Ontario Secondary School championships)in Kingston last weekfrom phone 077 we realized what it was.

Max has never understood or obeyed (to his coaches’ extreme displeasure) when he was told not to quickly pin his opponent during an invitational tournament. “Practice your technique,” his coach would say. But it wasn’t until after Max went to the Amateur Wrestling Provincials in St. Catherine’s (where he won a silver medal), a tournament with a real title that he understood about practice tourneys.  So, at the next invitational, he decided to practice his technique. But during a match with Devin he realized at the beginning of the 3rd and final round, he was down 8 nothing and was going to lose.  Practice time was over. Devin came into the ring with the biggest, widest smile ever; he was finally going to beat Max. Max pinned him and the match was over.

Which brings me back to EOSSA…the next time Max and Devin went toe to toe. In Devin’s mind he almost had Max the last time. He wrestled with a determination and confidence that drove him to new heights.  Max was so impressed and said that it will make them both better wrestlers. Later that day at a different match, a grade twelve who dominated Max, lost his confidence when Max got some awesome moves and points in.  My boy won the match and won gold. Guts, grit and confidence! Making a difference for better or worse!

So now Max is off to OFSAA (the Ontario High School Championship) in Guelf next week and Saskatoon the first week in April for the Amateur Wrestling Nationals. I am having a couple of fundraisers, one in Ottawa for the team and one in Perth for Max. They are trivia nights which you don’t need to be good at trivia to have a ton of fun, nobody is put on the spot, nobody is embarrassed. Come on your own (you can be put with others to make a table) or with friends, family or coworkers. The more the better!  $10.00 a head, chips and squares provided. (That would do it for me).  The Perth event is at the Civitan Club, Sunday March 24th at 2:00 pm.  The Ottawa event is at Fisher Heights Community Place, 31 Sutton. March 30th, 7:00 pm. If you can’t make it but would like to participate in the form of sponsoring Max a few bucks all help will be greatly and gratefully appreciated.

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