Monthly Archives: December 2017

A New Year / A New Adventure


2018 is bearing down on us and with it, happily, comes another adventure. This year I’m headed for India. For me India has an exotic ring to it that conjures images of vibrant colour, delicious food, the Taj Mahal, mesmerizing dance, incense, and transcendental yoga. I realize that for many, the ring falls flat. Probably on account of the poverty, the noise, the smell, the sheer quantity of people, the caste system, and the chaos. But one way or another, for better or worse, India is legendary. I may not embrace it all but I will experience it.

My dear long standing friend Huguette Long is coming with me. We fly out of Ottawa on January 9th and return March 7th. She has never travelled ‘my way’ before and at the beginning she was hesitant. She knows me well and wanted reassurance that I wouldn’t subject her to sleeping in gutters. She has always liked her comfy bed and her strong morning coffee hot and with cream, but she is ready and eager for a great new adventure (gutters and all). We will spend four days in London, England en route (extending the layover) before landing into the maelstrom and smog of New Delhi. We won’t dally there. My aversion to cities notwithstanding, the air quality in New Delhi is, at the moment, scary bad. Our thought is to head to the desert province of Rajesthan before working our way south. India is huge with many rich and diverse cultures! Bound by the Himalayas in the north and extending south where it tapers to the Indian Ocean in the east, and the Arabian Sea to the west, it covers an area of 32,87,263 square kilometres.

As always, I look forward to sharing the adventure and I will spare you nothing – not the grandeur, nor the grunge. I’ve gleaned from those who have been that you either fall in love with India or you hate it. I guess we’ll see. Whether this trip glides along with the gentle flow of a merry go round or is punctuated with the heart skipping adrenaline of a roller coaster, I hope you enjoy the ride.

Have a happy, healthy and safe holiday season,