Monthly Archives: September 2012

Patching together the pieces


When Mom died I buried myself emptying out closets, tearing up musty carpets decades old and sanding down the original pine floors in my house (many rooms at the same time I might add). When Dad died, a century of wallpaper was ferociously stripped and I re-papered (again, many rooms at the same time). Apparently, my therapy for loss is to throw myself, arms flailing, into something way beyond rational process and I appear to be in this place again.  I have renters now so tearing apart my house isn’t an option and I don’t feel like it anyway. (Actually, I have gotten darn near obsessively tidy).

I want to make quilts – detailed patchwork quilts. Which is bizarre as ‘detail’ generally has no place in my vocabulary. My quilts in the past have been big, fast blocks and like my cooking, I don’t measure…at all.

So I buy a cutter, quilting ruler, board, quilting book, and some material. (That is a first and due to the cost, a last). The woman suggested classes and advised me to take home little samples and take some time to think about it. So funny. “No thanks, I need it all now,” I respond. (She looked a little scared). So here I am measuring and cutting and sewing with a vengeance. Many of the 2 inch squares and triangles have gotten way smaller and it doesn’t look at all like it does in the book. I did finally get my reading glasses out as I was tired of aiming the thread in the general direction of the needle and  repeatedly managing to stab my finger checking to see if the thread made it through. sigh.

I will keep at it – patching together the pieces.  And I will try to slow down just enough.

A change of plan


Part of the definition of adventure means you don’t know what’s around the next corner.  My blog says “Arlene’s adventure’s in life and around the world”. Some  adventures in life  are more like challenges in life.

Because I have been posting so regularly (and have fully enjoyed sharing this adventure with you), I feel that I must make public a private conclusion. Jim and I have decided to separate. We are supportive, concerned and compassionate of each other and the hard time we are each going through right now.  Our Belize adventure was planned together and we don’t have the heart or desire to continue it without the other. So we are coming home.

While I generally appreciate all the comments and feedback, I respectfully request that you don’t comment on this.  I am sure that all of your gracious thoughts, concerns, and prayers are with both of us and I thank you.

I will continue to post my adventures but maybe not for a little bit.