Monthly Archives: January 2021

In a world gone mad…


At the eleventh hour I have changed my plans. For the last little while I have struggled with conflicting emotions about my scheduled trip to Mexico, which was due to start tomorrow. I wasn’t particularly unsettled by a fear of going to Mexico itself, or of getting seriously sick. But the apprehension of family and friends, a feeling that I was taking off to do my thing against all guidance, and concerns about getting back into Canada were three factors that all played a part of my inner conflict. What finally tipped the scales was a letter from one of my children last night, which stating the worries and fears that they all felt.

And so, I will go on a different, as yet undetermined, adventure somewhere in Canada. It won’t be as warm as Mexico, and it may not be wildly exciting to the naked eye but I will keep you posted. Thank you for sticking by me!