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Eyebrow update


So often, when I return home from a trip, time molds itself around me and it almost feels like I’ve never been gone. When I returned home from this trip, every time I looked in the mirror my eyebrows reminded me that I had been away. I hadn’t warned my son Colin, and when he saw me, his eyes bulged and he immediately cried (with appalled shock), “sweet Jesus mother, what happened to you”. Any illusions that my brows would go unnoticed evaporated like wisps of smoke. Who was I kidding – they looked like two caterpillars trying to mate, and weren’t turning into butterflies anytime soon.

While reading about the importance of not peeling off tattoo scabs due to the risk of scarring and loss of colour, a little lightbulb went off in my mind. I raced upstairs and into the bathroom. I stared hard into the mirror asking for the answer: should I do it? (All I heard back was that I was the silliest of them all.) My heart pounded with uncertainty. My scabs were thick and hard.

I slowly started to peel off the outer tip of the left one trying to see a few minutes into the future. Instead visions of the past when I  burst into tears when the Thai lady put the mirror to my face loomed in my mind. Was I was making a good decision or adding to the problem? If I ended up with a crater where my eyebrow should live, not even God could help me. In for a penny, in for a pound, or something like that. Carefully and painfully, I peeled off the thick brown scab.

I couldn’t believe it. The edges were raw and red but didn’t look like they would scar and much of the colour had been removed. Not going to lie – I shed a few tears of relief and joy. My caterpillars had become weird, crooked-winged butterflies but to me they were the most beautiful butterflies in the world. They still eventually need some repair; one is higher and completely off my brow but unnoticeable unless pointed out. And I need to pluck out my natural eyebrow hair on that side, but as you can imagine, that’s nothing compared to mating catapillars. So there you have it – the eyebrow update. I have lucky stars and I thank them every day.

On a conclusive note, I am having a girls get together for anyone wanting to see some pics, hear some funny tales and learn to make Thai spring rolls (which naturally we will then devour), followed by a rousing game of catch phrase. It should be fun. You can bring something to drink and a finger food contribution.

It’s at my place in Balderson, Sunday May 7th at 2 pm. Please RSVP to me by phone, text or email. I’d love to see you!