Monthly Archives: September 2021

Oh Baby!


It has been eight months since my last post! My life is the same and yet completely changed.

Instead of traversing the Mexican mountains last winter I worked daily on a book that I am writing full of blueberry recipes and farm life stories. I hope to have it finished and published by next summer. My daughter Sabrina, who is a talented and accomplished writer and editor is editing it for me. We are super excited about it! More on that in a few months.

My life is still full of blueberries, although this year not quite as full. The late frost combined with gazillions of gross Gypsy moth caterpillars decimated my plants and blooms and, even with intervention, resulted in a 70% loss of berries. But we dealt with the disappointment and moved on. At least we had some good rain in July and are hoping for a stellar crop next year.

What is new and life changing is the arrival of my first grandchild, Cadia. I even look at my house through a different lens – my big, old, rambling farmhouse now feels like a perfect grandmothers house. Due on my 60th birthday, she made her grand entrance a week and a half later on July 29th – and she is a beauty! My son Colin and his partner Sharlie are great parents and love her to pieces! As all parents know, having a baby changes your life and you experience a depth of emotion previously unknown. What I never would have guessed is that you love a grandchild as much as you love your own kids! Who knew! Well, I guess all grandparents knew…and now I do too.

I’m thrilled to introduce my granddaughter, Cadia.

Proud Gran
Beautiful new mama

Very happy daddy
Excited auntie Sabrina
Hesitant uncle Max
Sweet baby Cade