Decisions, decisions


We are trying to weigh the advantages of paying more and living here for a shorter period of time but being in a location that is closer to diving and nice beaches. Here in Corozol prices are cheap, people are friendly, it is close and easy to get to, but the waterfront is sea wall on the Corozol bay with little marine life. We found a lovely 2 bedroom home for $300.00 a month. (Took a picture of it and will figure out how to post pictures today). It is secluded, just out of town and close to the high school. It’s tempting for sure and we aren’t ruling it out.

Lobster fest today in Corozol so chillin’ here is a no-brainer but tomorrow we will take the 2 hour boat taxi out to Caye Caulker and maybe the next day head back down to Placencia (if you listen very carefully you will hear my bum and ankles howling).  That seems to be where we have narrowed our search to – Corozol, Caye Caulker, or Placencia. If we can find something remotely reasonable, I think our first choice is Caye Caulker and cut our stay shorter. I am sure that Max would be happy; there is no high school on the island. He would do the Ontario distance schooling online. You have to be out of province for a minimum of three months to qualify and it is $1000.00 per year but that’s the same as going to a local high school here would cost.

We are comfortable in our little hotel for now. It is cheap, and we have use of a kitchen downstairs. We are always greeted by multiple geckos on the front patio. Last night Jim happened upon a pornographic show from them when he went outside to smash the coconuts (that we bought from an old toothless vendor on her bicycle) with a hammer. We saw our first Belizean snake on the patio of the house we saw – a green headed tree snake. Their bite is only mildly poisonous. And not to be indelicate, but my bowels know they are not in Kansas anymore – I mean Lanark County.

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  1. Hope you got all your shots before you left. living on an island now that sounds exciting. Can’t wait to see pictures. I figured out how to do that and set up a blog site too. Still wishing we could visit. Oh well.

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