A Kick in the Chops


Three weeks ago I do the Rhode Island Half-Ironman and now running my local five kilometer loop I risk heart explosion when I don’t walk for a few and catch my breath. Ain’t that a kick in the chops. I admit that since the half  Jim and I have been busy relocating, finding a place to live in Belize, stuff like that, and our training has greatly suffered (as in next to nothing) but come on, really.  Where is the justice?

But I suppose I should stop whining and just be happy that I am healthy and able to run (I use the term loosely) at my ripening age. Whoever said “slow and steady wins the race” didn’t have a grip on reality. Slow and steady may finish the race if Gods in a good mood but fast and ferocious wins the race (I’m usually still on the course when awards are being presented).

Nevertheless, it’s time to buck up for the next step – as soon as I get “home”, I need to find a marathon in Central America. My first one ever! There’s nothing like signing on the dotted line to kick start training again.  Sigh.

Also, if you are interested in seeing the little video that Sabrina made of our half ironman expirience go to her blog at www.simplysab.wordpress.com

It is a fun watch.

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  1. Running with a few hundred other runner around you will drive you ahead. I have found that there is nothing quite so inspiring as having all those people passing me. 😉 Keep running and NEVER LET GO!

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