The Streets of Kathmandu



Jim and I were each blessed by a holy man on the street today. Mine was very small, robed in red and cheerfully beatific. He put marigolds in my hair and a red dot on my forehead. Marigolds here are hung in strings, float in large flat bowls and burned in the little temples that are scattered everywhere. They seem to be the sacred flower. We donated to the monastic cause and kept our karma intact.

We have spent a lot of time walking the streets of Kathmandu through areas of relative prosperity, unimaginable slums, and tourist regions and it is the same everywhere – I can’t figure out why more pedestrians aren’t laid flat and maimed. We saw two women clipped by the mirror of passing motorbikes whipping by and Jim has pulled me out of harm’s way more than once. But nobody gets riled about it; they just go about their business, constantly dodging while on the street.

I am enjoying the food. Yesterday it was chapatti hot off the pan dipped in a delicious green potato curry and noodle soup with roasted garlic and jalapenos. Tonight it was fresh small dumplings stuffed with some sort of meat and smothered in fiery reddish sauce served in a woven leaf bowl (recyclable material at is finest).  It’s all intestine blistering street food costing between 40 and 80 rupees (equaling 40 and 80 cents). And so good!

It is late evening; I must pack and get to bed. Tomorrow we are leaving at 6:30 am for a rafting trip. When we return tomorrow night we will be moving to the $25.00 multi-windowed deluxe room on the roof with a double bed and a view.

3:30 am

Can’t sleep.  My stomach is a little unhappy. It’s taking a bit of concentration to ease it. Nothing major but the dumplings were the first meat we have eaten since arriving in Nepal. I think that holding off on meat until we leave for the trek is a prudent choice.


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  1. Glad that you are drinking it all in and that you have a chance to ease into the climate and environmental conditions before the big climb. Enjoy the rafting, the climb and the swank deluxe room.

  2. Hi Arlene – These blogs are so interesting. You are so adventurous, esp. about the food but staying away from the meat sounds like a good idea as you want to have a calm stomach for trekking!! Hope you are taking lots of photos. Take care, dear friend. Hi to Jim. xoxox Di

    • Thank you so much for the feedback Di. It is really hard to know what would be interesting to read about and what would not. I am taking pics but so bummed yesterday the camera was out of battery for that adventure. Jim says hi. xoxo

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