Everest Bound


0270495:15 am

We fly out at 6:30 this morning to Lukla to begin our trek. We met our guide last night but have met none of our climbing comrades yet. I guess we will meet them on the little plane. Our guide doesn’t speak as much English as I would have expected. There is a weight restriction of 10 kilos per big pack and 5 kilos per hand luggage. And apparently they are strict about it. I am feeling surprisingly calm. It’s like, I have decided to do this, I have prepared what I can, and now it is time. Jim is having his last shower as I write.

The only sight of the Himalayas we have seen so far was a peak through the window on the opposite side of the plane when we were arriving. I will see them this morning I think J.

I don’t usually take pictures of people unless I ask them and it is a very mixed response. Occasionally I take them from the waist surreptitiously and hope I get an image. Sometimes the children like their picture taken and so I am sharing a couple of them.

I am taking a cheap phone that I bought. In a couple of places apparently there coverage and wi fi. If I am able I will go online with my phone and try to post something fast. I may also be able to call Sabrina and she can post an update.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for reading. That you have taken time out of your busy life to read about my little adventures makes me feel warm inside. I like to share the experience; it makes me feel that I am getting a better bang for my buck. And if it gives you a smile, that is the cream. It’s time to go. Thank you again my friends, I will be in touch when I can.


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  1. Hi Alene Don’t know if you’ll get this but I am getting your posts and have been attempting to post my reply but it simply won’t let me. I’m so happy to know that things are going well and you’re staring your big trek tomorrow. That bus ride along with the rapids ride sounded heart stopping as well as exhilarating. Stay safe my friend. You rock! All is well here. love and a tons of hugs Huggie


    Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 00:16:27 +0000 To: huggie_long@hotmail.com

    • hey my dear friend. thank you. guess what, one of the people on the trek looks exactly like willow but asian. she is gorgeous. we are well. look forward to seeing you. lot of love and hug xoxo

  2. It means so much to have news of you and I loved the two photos. I nearly died reading about your bus trip to the raft – your descriptions are so vivid!!! I think the trek will be safer! xo Di

  3. Hi Arlene and Jim, So glad to hear from you. Please give Jim a hug and say Happy Birthday to him for us on Monday, Arlene. Thanks, We will be thinking of you on your trek. Keep warm. Love you both, Lots and lots. x.o.x.o.

  4. Good luck to the two of you! I hope you have an exhilarating but safe climb! I can’t wait to hear about your Everest adventure! Sending you lots of love & blessings xoxoxox

  5. Hello Arlene and Jim congrats on your latest adventure we are thinking about you guys be safe and enjoy. xo Uncle Bill and Aunt Joanne

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