Getting out of Dodge


ImageImageImageWe are on the last leg of our trek. Tonight we are sleeping in a small village called Phakding. Tomorrow we reach Lukla and fly out from there. Gratefully, we have had no injuries or serious issues of any kind. It has been a phenomenal trip and the realization of a dream fulfilled.

I will miss the stunning scenery, the melodious sound of yak bells on the trail. I will miss passing through peaceful pastoral villages on the lower slopes, seeing small children playing outside simple stone dwellings. I will miss the rhythm of trekking every day. BUT – I am looking forward to being able to pee in the night without getting dressed in sub-zero temperatures, navigating down a dark hall, squatting on frozen urine because the person or persons before you missed the hole. I am looking forward to waking up without my mouth feeling like every drop of moisture has been sucked from my body; of being able to breathe easy without headache, plugged nose and sore throat.

A couple of days later – Bhaktapur, Nepal

By the time we reached Lukla the temperature had dropped again. Definitely time to get out of Dodge.

The runway in Lukla is only 460 metres long and is rated the most dangerous airport in the world. It has a dramatic slope downwards to aid in speed during takeoff and help slow the aircraft during landings. In Lukla there are no second chances.  ( I was hoping that our tiny, toy plane wasn’t vibrating all its bolts loose. We didn’t so much “lift off” as we were simply airborne when the runway finished. We continued dipping down before the nose lifted and made a sharp left to avoid the mountain directly in front of us. Got the blood pumping. The flight attendant passed out cotton balls for our ears. Unfortunately, mine are still plugged due to the massive head cold that I have.

We are staying in the very old town of Bhaktapur tonight in a real hotel with a real porcelain throne of our very own. You can’t imagine how excited I am. AND – I got a facial today. The Nepalese lady who ran the little beauty school (of sorts) said I really, really, really needed it (if you saw me you would say so too) so I spent the $15.00 and treated myself. Tomorrow we tour the ancient city temples before returning to Kathmandu. Then, on to Turkey for Jim and me. Life is good and all is well except that I miss my kids.

Note: the first photo is en route, the second photo is at base camp, the third photo is the Lukla airport.


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    • ya no kidding.I didn’t know that when we took off or landed. haha. see you soon. we will be arriving in Syracuse at midnight but will take the 7:00 bus to watertown. I think we arrive there at 8 but will get the details to you when we know the exacts of them.

      xoxo Arlene and jim.

      Arlene Doyle RMT An Integrated Approach to Wellness 613-812-1084

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