“My Father’s Daughter”


I am the coincidental star of a finalist in the TVO 5-minute documentary contest.

My nephew, Cainan made the submission, “My Father’s Daughter” about my journey to Peru climbing in the Andean mountains and retracing my father’s final days. It needs to be said that Cainan carried his filmmaking equipment with him everywhere through Peru including up the mountains. His talent and commitment to quality and authenticity is impressive. The winner of the five finalists is determined by who gets the most public votes. Here’s the press release for the contest: http://www.newswire.ca/en/story/1334597/tvo-announces-five-finalists-in-the-2014-tvo-doc-studio-contest

You can vote for your favorite doc at http://docstudio.tvo.org/contest. The winner gets a full day of mentoring by a very grand and successful poobah filmmaker. Whoever gets to walk away with the coveted day I want to send big kudos to Cainan for a job very well done.

Feel free to share the video with your network, social media, etc. That would be great! He has just started his own business so if you have any videography jobs you want doing, you know where to go.

For myself, I returned home from the Himalayas not wanting to go outside at all. I wanted comfort and warmth and so I have been nesting and spending an obscene amount of time sewing. Now, my good friends Kathy and Noreen, have taught me to crochet. SO exciting! And if you think I am being sarcastic you are mistaken. I have wanted to crochet for years but of course before leaving for Belize I gave away boxes of my mother’s yarn believing that I would never get to it. That’s ok, it got used and its all good.

Hope everyone is well. If we can hang on a touch longer, spring is in the air!


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  1. Beautiful tribute, Arlene Thanks for the opportunity to see this. Laurel Laurel Lemchuk-Favel FAV COM 613 837-9983


    • Thank you very much Laurel. The film was completely Cainans project. I saw it for the first time on the weekend and didnt even realize I was crying until the end. He did a lovely job.

      On another note – I would love to come and see your gardens when you are ready. Lori says they are amazing. And you mentioned last fall that you usually have some clippings when you divide and to talk to you in April. Being a complete newbie I would love to come to see you.

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