In memory of Reggie Doyle


Reggie Doyle was a kind and unassuming man who liked to be in the background. His clear, blue eyes shone with intelligence and danced with humour at the antics of his grandchildren. Sometimes he would get giggling at some little thing that the kids would say or do and it was impossible not to start laughing yourself. His wry sense of humour was infectious.

My father-in-law loved his family and he loved his animals. Every morning he fed his animals before he fed himself and in years gone by he had some of the biggest goats this land has ever seen. He never hesitated to help family, friends, neighbours or animals in need. In fact he was locally known as the unofficial vet. Whenever anyone had a problem with their animals it was often Reggie they called, and chances are, he knew what to do. He had a saying that if a 2 cc, s were good then 4 cc’s were twice as good.

Reggie was a hard worker and was always busy. For most of his career he worked as a high hoe operator and his skill with the big machines were legendary. Many of the buildings and sites in Brockville and Kingston were excavated by Reggie. Also legendary was his love of ketchup and Dairy Queen. No meal was complete without ketchup and coming home from work in Kingston, a stop at Dairy Queen was customary. They would have his order ready and waiting for him.

Reggie met Sheila when they were young teenagers and they started their family early. They moved from Richmond, Quebec in 1971 and raised their family in Lyn near Brockville.

Reggie developed an extremely rare condition. He passed away at home early Saturday morning with Sheila, his wife of 53 years by his side. He was much loved and will be deeply missed as a friend, father, father-in-law, grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin, and husband.

In the end, Reggie and his condition was the talk of the medical community and I think it tickled him to be medically famous. Rest in peace Reggie. We will all miss you.


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  1. Arlene, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this sad time. Reggie must have been a very special person and will certainly be missed. Your loving words help us all to know this wonderful man.

  2. I have been with you in spirit …thanks for the story of Jim’s dad and your journey so far! Our sincere condolences to you all. He sounded like such a wonderful man….

    I’m gonna live this journey in Israel with you this time through your blogs! I’m excited !! Xo

    Be safe, happy, and kick up some good dirt! 😉

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