First two days on trail yield challenges, laughs


It was clear skies the day we left. We taxied from the Shelter Hostel to the trail  after an oatmeal breakfast. One would think we could walk the 7 k but we figured we better save our strength as the first day was supposed to be one of the hardest. And it was good that we did!


Desert sands

The trail started with a view of the Eilat Inlet  off the Red Sea on one side and a steep 3000 meter ascent on the other. For hours it snaked up,  down and around mountains of multi- coloured sand  rock.  It was strenuous, beautiful, sometimes  treacherous but being in the quiet solitude of the desert was bliss. Especially after the airports, hotels and taxis.

The technical challenge of the trail is farther outside of Jen’s comfort zone than she anticipated and I often will hear muttered curses of “this is crazy” behind me as she digs into her deep well of strength and courage.  She’s a real trooper and is doing awesome. With some fairly extreme hiking behind me I am able to help her through some tough spots, but by the end of the day  we are both done in.

Shortly before dark on our first day we scrambled up the side of a wadi (a canyon that can flash flood during rainstorms; it wasn’t raining but better safe than sorry) and set up camp on a large rock shelf  overlooking the canyon with the Egyptian  border on the far side. It felt very remote. With the exception of seeing  some day hikers our first hour on the trail, we hadn’t seen a soul all day.


My boots sticking out of the tent as the wind blows

We didn’t end up finishing the first days hike until the end of the second day and by then our water was gone and we were parched. When we finally arrived to the designated camp spot we couldn’t find our water cache. Turns out we were at the wrong place and had to hike an extra  4K to get it. Groan!

A crazy hard wind was blowing last night and we woke this morning to find our tents  wrapped around our bodies. Then trying to take my tent down, it was whipped from my hands  and into a thorny acacia tree. Unfortunately, it  ripped it in several places and tonight it is patched  with Band-Aids, as well as Jennifer’s blistered toes (check out her blog of the trip at ).

The nights are cold, the days are warm, the pack is heavy, the food is meagre, the trail is hard, the laughs are plentiful. So far, so good.


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    • Thank you Patti. I am so glad you are enjoying them. I was hoping to see you and Nicola before leaving but didn’t manage it. If you see her please tell her I say hi. Or to drop me a note on the blog. See you when I get back.

  1. Hi girls – I didn’t realize I could comment on your blog here – I was e-mailing you instead. Now you sound like you are having a wonderful time, though tired for sure. That unlocked museum was lucky as were a few other things you mentioned, but not including the scorpion. I love the photos and your descriptions – sharing something so special. Love you – keep going! No-one else I know in this whole world would have the courage to do what you two are experiencing. xoxo Di

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