Homeward bound 


I spent the final leg of my journey on the beach in Hua Hin. As weird as it sounds, it took some getting used to, but eventually I settled into the relaxation and savoured the sun and the sea without calamity – that is, until my last day. 

The misfortune I’m about to tell you about is, admittedly, completely due to my own bad judgement. I can only assume that my brain was fried from too much sun and memories of last year’s return trip from Israel, when sand fleas covered my face in bites the night before my flight home. This time would be different, I told myself. This time I wanted to arrive back to the farm looking glam and pretty. What a spectacular backfire!

 The morning I left, I planned a massage, a haircut and a manicure, all of which were great. Things went sideways when I decided to add tattooing my eyebrows to the beauty treatment agenda. Yes, you read that right. I had been thinking about doing something with my moth-eaten brows for awhile but hadn’t really looked into it. In retrospect, to take that leap in Thailand, where I could barely communicate with the aesthetician, defied logic and reason. So many lessons learned! (Or maybe just one lesson: don’t invest in cosmetic tattoos on a whim in a foreign country.) Hence, I will return home with lovely, clean hair, beautiful nails, and strong, exceedingly prominent, slightly lopsided eyebrows. 

I am very embarrassed, and will admit that I am loath to include a picture. I’m not big on pictures of myself at the best of times, but for you dear reader, you who has followed my adventures and made me feel less alone at times when melancholy had found me, for you I will share this sorry (but hopefully someday hilarious) testament to the vagaries of spontaneity. You can find it at the bottom of this post, along with what’s left of my pride. My daughter Sabrina says I’m still beautiful, bless her heart, and that eyebrow tattoos fade and can be repaired. She adds that if all else fails, we can find a nice spot under a bridge for me where I can make a new home.

On a less traumatic note, the trip was great. I have seen spectacular sights and learned new things. I’m healthy but very excited to plant my feet on Canadian soil. I’m excited to reunite with family and friends and Colin’s dog, Diesel. I also am eager to see how my blueberries fared the winter.

As always, sincere heartfelt thanks for reading. Your unfailing support, emails and comments have sustained me through heaven, hell and high water. See you on the flip side! (I’ll be the one with the large dark glasses and a floppy hat.)


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  1. Arlene, not sure this will catch you before you are homeward bound but do travel this last leg safely and enjoy the last of your “time off” – something you do not get in your Canadian life. The brows look a tad unusual ( what do I know about eyebrow tattooing); scary but I am sure that Sabrina , and that they will fade and anyways we both know a great aesthetician. Kxx

    • Hi Karen, thank you for reading and for your comments. Yea, they do look a tad unusual. I’m not sure Carmen can help me with this though. Sabrina found a tattoo repair place that I will probably check out when these heal. I will give you a call in the next few days and we can set up an appointment. Look forward to seeing you Xo

  2. Hi dearest Arlene – I am so happy you are coming home, safe. But the eyebrows – I have to be honest and taking Sabrina’s thinking they will fade or disappear, I had to laugh. You are really the limit! Your blogs have given me so much pleasure to read and then the comfort that you were able to communicate so I knew you were still alive and kicking. See you very soon. xoxox Di


    • Hi Di, thank you so much for your comments and emails. I am home safe and sound and looking forward to seeing you soon. Sabrina found a place that does tattoo repair so I will probably check it out when these heal. I’m so happy that enjoyed the blog. So happy! Xo

  3. Arlene, I started laughing before I even saw the pic.I wondered what was coming.It actually is not bad but makes me laugh. We will all get used to it.What a souvenir of a fabulous trip! Xo Happy Journey Homeward.Enjoyed your blogs so much.xo

    • Honestly this reply button is trigger happy I wasn’t finished. Hope to see you this summer. Say hi to everyone for me and so glad y u r were entertained by the post. Yay! Xo

  4. You my darling are one of the greatest treasures in my life. Yes you are so much more than your eyebrows…you are relentless in your quest to embrace and enjoy life and its many adventures. You will definitely not be someone at the end who says I wish I had….
    Cant wait to see you and get a big hug.
    Safe travels❤️❤️❤️

    • My sweet girl – you are one my dearest friends and I am so glad you are in my life. Thank you for always being your own wonderful self. Looking forward to getting together very soon. I will touch base in the next few days. Hugs and love xo

  5. I love reading all your adventures you have brought me peace , enjoyment amazement and awwness of your journey thank you for being so real !! Safe travels home ❤️

    • Hi Cindy, I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you enjoy and read the blog. Thank you! Life is busy. I am honoured that it adds to your life. Hope all is well in your world. Many hugs, Arlene xo

  6. Arlene, you are so brave and I and all your fans of which will be in the thousands, love you to your very core for it. Your picture today has been the sunbeam of the day. A bit of sad news…Roy passed away this past Monday the 20th a sooner than expected but not realistically so. For those we love so much it will always be too soon. Thank you, my friend.

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    • My dear Sue, I am so very sorry to hear about Roy. If my posting the picture gave you the smallest sunbeam in such a sad time, I am deeply honoured and touched and super happy that I gritted my teeth and posted it. You are such a sweetie and I love you to pieces and am thinking about you and sending you white light and many hugs along with my sincere condolences. Thank you for your kind words. (I love all 6 of my readers) let’s talk soon. Xo

  7. Can’t wait to see you in the flip side. Love the hair. I have to say we laughed for this another of your life adventures (let’s see what happens with my tattoo!). But I’m with Sabrina you are still beautiful and looking very rested. The brows can be corrected and will fade I’m sure. Love you sweetie.

    • You are such a sweetie. Thank you. And I am very happy to entertain. Sometimes my antics tire me but Otherwize I am rested. I arrived home safe and sound and Looking forward to seeing you soon. Lots of hugs. Xo

  8. You are an amazing lady…. Well done… and I am glad to see you coming home safe and sound… with eye catching brows and all !!


    • Thank Glenda. Yes, I think my eyebrows beat me home. Thank you for reading. Look forward to seeing you in the near future. I am planning a ladies day in April for anyone wanting to come out for afternoon of pics, game of catch phrase and Thai food of course. I’ll be posting the date in the blog. Xo

  9. Ohhh Arlene….wow your last few weeks were quite the adventure….those eye brows will always be a solid reminder of Thailand and the last day…lol. Oh my…but remember I still love you. xo

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