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  1. So pretty and they had such a lovely day. Sabrina a true flower amongst the guys and you look beautiful. Safe travels out west.

  2. Beautiful couple! Wishing them every happiness in the world! Lovely family picture as well – everyone so grown up and good looking! You and Jim look great as well! Congratulations to the happy couple!!

  3. So happy it all went well – congratulations for all your hard work getting the special day ready under such difficult circumstances… you are a truly nice person… keep in touch – email is best: rawlingfamily@gmail.com – we leave Friday 13th and return sometime April/May next year. When do you leave for India?
    Jim and Jan

    • Hi guys, thanks so much. Have a wonderful adventure and we’ll keep in touch for sure. I leave for India on Jan 8th returning march 8th. Safe travels and lots to love 😘

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