It’s go time


We are in Everglades City (think population about 300) at the Everglades National Park Visitor Center and it’s completely empty. Nothing is open and there are no rangers. We expected that, given the government shutdown, but it still feels surreal and vaguely apocalyptic. Its just us and the mosquitoes. We are sleeping in the truck tonight and will set out tomorrow morning from a small launch that is functional, but nondescript. Our canoe will be loaded with 55 gallons of water, food for 12 days, camping gear, fishing supplies, first aid kit, and an emergency flare. When we leave, we first need to paddle across a dauntingly large lake (it’s much bigger than it looked on the map) to find a small canal that will lead us to the Gulf of Mexico. In the cold light of day, we are feeling somewhat nervous and wish there was someone around who could answer few questions

It was a good drive down, with the exception of driving through whiteout conditions in Pennsylvania, and a little accident in Tampa in a MacDonald’s parking lot. Gord was backing up at the same time as a little red sports was was below his line of visibility. I didn’t even feel the hit (neither did Gord’s truck) but the little car got its door bashed in. The people were not happy. Fortunately, no one was hurt and by the time the accident report was filled out, they were friendly enough.

As I write, Gord is reading the local rag; a paper called ‘The Mullet Rapper’ about the coming full moon and local black widow spiders. Oh, goodie. The man from the accident also told us that all the super ginormous alligators found in Florida are trucked to the Everglades (he wasn’t kidding). I’m sure that all will be well… truly. But if we’re not out in a month – send help.

Night melded into morning and this a.m. a couple of kayakers were loading into the water at the launch site but they weren’t especially helpful. I took a picture of the launch site but didn’t want to leave our canoe loaded and unattended while we went into town to post this. See you on the flip side. 👍

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  1. OMG, We Just got home from a leisurely drive to Sussex and always check my Email. Wow it makes my heart weak when I think of your adventures.I could never be so daring.I like to be safely tucked into a secure hotel.Well you will certainly have endless stories for your grandchildren.Keep the interesting escapades coming Love to read them- you are an excellent writer. Xo and you and Gord be careful. My extended family are enjoying hearing and reading about this.!!!

    • Hey Pauline, sure appreciate having you (and the extended family) along. I think most people would be happier tucked into a hotel. And the time will come I’m sure when I will be too. We are out now and a hotel sounds good :). Love you guys xo

  2. Safe travels my friend. Much love to you both…keep your toes and fingers along with all extremities in the canoe!! 🙂

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