In a world gone mad…


At the eleventh hour I have changed my plans. For the last little while I have struggled with conflicting emotions about my scheduled trip to Mexico, which was due to start tomorrow. I wasn’t particularly unsettled by a fear of going to Mexico itself, or of getting seriously sick. But the apprehension of family and friends, a feeling that I was taking off to do my thing against all guidance, and concerns about getting back into Canada were three factors that all played a part of my inner conflict. What finally tipped the scales was a letter from one of my children last night, which stating the worries and fears that they all felt.

And so, I will go on a different, as yet undetermined, adventure somewhere in Canada. It won’t be as warm as Mexico, and it may not be wildly exciting to the naked eye but I will keep you posted. Thank you for sticking by me!

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  1. As soon as I began reading your note, I guessed that your kids were really worried about your trip. Not easy to discount their concerns. I’m sorry that you won’t get your time in Mexico but you are resourceful so I know you will find a great get away place that you will enjoy, where you will be able to write and hike. Thinking of you : ) Love, Carran

  2. Biggest of hugs to you my friend. I know this was not easy for you.
    My heart is happy you will be safe and there is no doubt you will find something amazing here in Canada!!

  3. Arlene, I’m sorry you weren’t able to go on your latest planned adventure. I know how much these trips mean to you. Here’s hoping that you are able to find your zen in a Canadian adventure this winter. Stay safe and stay well.

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