Eat like an Egyptian


We arrived in Egypt to the cacophony of horns, traffic and the regularly broadcast Islamic calls to prayer. It was all music to my ears. We spent our first day recovering from 36 actual travel hours and enjoyed the balcony of our downtown Cairo hostel room. We sipped tea, ate fresh oranges, fresh baklava and feasted on aromatic Egyptian street food of fried fresh flatbread, spices, sauces and meat (I inhaled it before thinking to take a picture). We will enjoy it while we can.

Our hostel

The balcony beside us has a pigeon coop
Got 1/2 a kilo of fresh oranges for 50 cents
The breakfast included in our $17 hostel room

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  1. These photos are amazing. It really captures the essence of the area you are in there !!! Wow…I am so happy that you are finally on a journey. Be safe and looking forward to reading the rest. I am a bit behind !!! lol. xo

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