Nile River Cruise


When David, of David’s hostel, where we stayed in Aswan booked us a three-day, two-night Nile cruise for $100 each I was expecting that we would be sleeping under a tarp and rowing during the day. And that was still OK with me! But when we boarded the ship I found a five-star all inclusive! Food galore and a fancy room to boot. It was too chilly to swim in the pool but we savoured our time doing nothing more strenuous than watching banana plantations drift by from comfortable loungers on the sundeck and going back and forth to the sumptuous buffet!

from our room
Trail food rations are going to be a shock once we get to Jordan. 😥
scenery along the Nile.
When we went through some locks, vendors rowed fast to keep up while trying to sell their wares. They would throw up packages four decks above. Their aim was perfect!
Sunset over the Nile from the ship

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  1. This looks so cool!! what a cool experience and trip. The Nile is a lot prettier than I imagined! thank you for sharing your trip:)

  2. Well that was an unexpected surprise. I’m sure they will take any extras these days with the tourism industry being hit so bad. Enjoy while you can. waiting for your Luxor pics

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