Holy Quacamole


Our friend Elvis and his girlfriend Andreas picked us up at the Tapachula bus terminal after a 21 hour (comfortable) bus ride from Mérida, drove us to his hometown and then turned over his cozy room behind his welding shop to us for our stay. We met him through my friend Nancy when he was visiting Canada last summer. He lives in the border town of Ciudad Hidalgo and we are having an enjoyable week with him roaming the countryside seeing local sights, hearing great music, meeting his good friends, all while experiencing the most delicious authentic mexican food.

Had an amazing fajita feast with the best quacamole I have ever tasted in the little hill town of Union Juárez
Hill town of Union Juarez
A nice hike up to Pico de Loro
A feisty 85 year old abuela (grandmother) made the steep climb to the top

At the home of Elvis’s friend, Ipolito, we had a wonderful lunch of taco’s (the tortillas in Mexico are made fresh every day, sometimes with a mixture of wheat flour, but often with just corn flour), and a variety of exotic fruits that he has on his tilapia farm. He gave us a tasting tour and we enjoyed so much fruit.

Tasting fresh Yucca
On the way around our tasting tour we came across an opossum in the eavestrough. Poli swung it down bare handed. The dogs went wild, the opossum was ferocious and a hair-raising time was had by all, with no injuries to man or beast…but it was a narrow miss. The picture doesn’t show the snapping and thrashing.
The opossum was not impressed!

Andreas (Elvis’s girlfriend) made us an awesome breakfast one morning of deep fried cauliflower, spiced rice, black beans and salsa.
Illegal (but accepted) trading and traveling across the River between Mexico and Guatemala is a common practice.

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