Hiking Lake Atitlan


It felt wonderful to be hiking again against the spectacular backdrop of Lake Atitlan. When the roads ended it was a treat to be only on trail. And when the trail ended at Santa Cruz we took a boat to our final village of Panajachel.

San Juan
San Pedro. A typical Guatemalan stove
A small cabana hotel in Jabalito where, for a fee, we were allowed to pitch out tent. Such a gorgeous setting but the barking dogs and disfuncional night crowing roosters were still in attendance.
Hiking the trail

I finally had a chance to try the traditional dish of cervechia – a cold seafood soup in Panajachel. It was a combination of shrimp, crab, calamari, oysters, avacado, lime juice, hot sauce, salsa, with tomato vegetable broth and some brown liquid she squirted in. I will be having it any chance I get and I think when it’s no longer available my taste buds will be yearning for it. I savoured every bite!

Today we say goodbye to Lake Atitlan and head to Antigua. Hopefully our muscles are conditioned enough to tackle the upcoming volcanoes.


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  1. Beautiful pictures and a nice intermission for me as I sip on coffee and look at the Ottawa snow cover from my atrium. Enjoy the volcanic trails in Antigua!

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