Copan Ruins, Honduras

Over looking the ball field
The image of the macaw is found everywhere in ancient maya monuments but the most in Copan.
The hieroglyphic stairway is one of the most remarkable monuments built by the maya during the classic period. It has over 2000 hieroglyphics on 63 stairs and recounts much of the dynastic history. It is so far the longest known Mayan hieroglyphic text. The stairs are literally a stone book.
Named Rosalita, this temple was found intact under one of the temples in the main square of the acropolis
The majority of Copan’s population was distributed throughout the valley in residential groups with their own places of worship, courtyards and plazas.
The painstaking work of hauling up dirt, bucket by bucket, straining and sifting through it all looking for artifacts
The scarlet Macaw was a sacred bird for the ancient Mayan. Not only did they use their feathers to decorate the headdresses of the high and mighty but the macaw also represented the powerful god of the sun, K’ inich Ahau in flight between earth and heaven with its vibrant colors. It was a real treat to see them up close and personal, and in flight!

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