That’s a wrap!


Between Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and a tiny taste of Honduras, it has been a good adventure. It was interesting to hear from many El Salvadorans how much happier people are now, and how much safer their county is after last years massive cartel roundup (thousands of bad guys were put behind bars). We saw wondrous ruins, stunning scenery, ate tasty food, met kind people, and travelled many miles. We did not seek out enough solitude, hiking, or rough camping to suit me but the chicken buses have certainly been an adventure. As we careened around corners on steep mountain passes I convinced myself that space and time actually bend and it’s always ok … until we passed a horrific accident between a chicken bus and a transport. It was a sobering sight. And then we were evacuated off of one of our bus’s when it caught fire. But for the most part, the transportation system in Central America is user friendly and works.

The astounding hike up Acatenango and Fuego was, for me, the highlight of the trip. Seeing with my own eyes, molten lava erupt out of a volcano is a visual that I will never forget. And the fact that we had to work so hard to see it just added to the experience. I have come to the conclusion that there is a peculiar appeal in extreme challenges that seems to nourish me.

With the loss of my phone I have decided to go home early. I can’t manage my Airbnb listing, pay my bills or do my banking. I have no WhatsApp connecting me to family and friends, and if my busted up iPad suffers further damage my last lifeline of sporadic communication would be feathers in the wind. So, for many reasons, going home early is the right decision for me. Gord is staying on in Mexico and will return home as planned later in the month.

For the last 36 hours I have been biding my time at the Cancun airport. With my phone gone I am not reachable by email (couldn’t put my current account on my iPad as it required phone authentication) and I didn’t want to risk missing the plane if the flight time changed (which Flair has been known to do on occasion:)). So I wanted to be here in case. I have spent my time walking, reading, walking, writing, walking… you get the picture. I’ve been here so long it feels like I’m coming home when I get back to the airport after my long walks. But now I have checked in and departure time is almost here. In fact, I think our flight crew just walked past and the pilot doesn’t look old enough to shave. Oh well, god willing, my prepubescent looking pilot will shortly be winging me back home safe and sound. I am super excited to see everybody, but most especially my granddaughter, Cadia. I may be irreparably devastated if she doesn’t remember or makes strange with me. No pressure or anything.

As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read and allowing me to share this adventure with you. It means a ton knowing that you, dear readers, are with me in spirit and along for the ride. However gritty it gets. See you on the flip side!



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  1. Safe travels my friend and thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures and taking us along for the tour.

  2. We will be really happy and relieved to have you back on home turf. What a great adventure!
    Look forward to talking in person.
    Travel safe.

  3. I’ve read all your blogs….wow ..yet again quite the adventure….and so sorry about your phone!!🙁
    Please let us know when u r home safe and sound and touch base. ❤️ Safe journey home. Xo

  4. Glad you were able to enjoy so much. Those mountain roads are treacherous but I’m happy you survived them and the buses. The volcano experience must have been phenomenal. Safe journey home. I’m sure Cadia will remember you, although she might give you a stern look first to say, how dare you leave!

  5. Safe travels home!!! Just an FYI, your mailbox was taken out by the plow but we are keeping your mail at the Perth depot.

    • Hey Sheila! Thank you! And thank you for keeping my mail for me! I didn’t know you worked for the postal service now. Where do I go in Perth to pick it up. Thanks! 😊

      • Some of your mail is still at the depot and will be deliver this coming week. Your mailbox was back up yesterday. The rest you will get a delivery notice card for and it can be picked up at Shoppers Drug Mart. 🙂

  6. I absolutely love reading your post! I felt so bad for you when you lost your phone! I can’t wait for your next journey! Safe travels!

    • Hi Patti! That is so lovely to hear! Thank you so much! Ya, losing the phone was a drag, it was kind of my lifeline. But no one was hurt, I have another one now and all is ok. Thanks again for reading and enjoying! I really appreciate it. Arlene ❤️

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