It’s really happening!!


It’s starting to hit me as I sit here in the bus terminal in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We are on our way to Belize. Other than some fitful dozing on the plane to Cancun this morning there has been no sleep since Sunday night. It’s now 2:30 pm and the bus to Corozol leaves at 11:40 pm and arrives at 4:15 am so tonight doesn’t bode well either but rest is on the horizon. And what a horizon it will be. No argument that it has been a grueling journey lugging our two huge bike boxes stuffed with bikes and cargo, our 50 pound back packs and additional carry-ons as we navigate our way off planes, onto buses, and into taxi’s, back onto buses etc. It is warm and humid outside. When we finally get to the hotel tomorrow Gwyn (the good proprietor) will be able to smell us before he sees us.

The digestive cookie from Westjet didn’t take us far and we demolished a couple of tacos from the corner stand. Note to self – test the green stuff in the little baggie before slathering it on.  I still can’t feel my lips or my nose for that matter. For now, we people watch in the Mexican bus terminal; the eager little man who rushes to help everybody with their luggage as he struggles to make a living; the Uzi toting cop sitting outside; the comings and goings of people going about their life. Beautiful children in their mother’s arms are everywhere

7:00 am Belizean time Wed. morning. After leaving home Monday about 2 am we have arrived. Halleluiah!! The taxi driver named Junior that took us from the bus terminal to the Sea Breeze Hotel here in Corozol stopped at a small outdoor stand en route and we had some fresh tortillas with beans and cheese for breakfast. Welcome to Belize!!!  I will try to figure out how to post some pictures without Sabrina’s help. if I get into trouble Jim will be able to figurwe it out but he is sleeping right now as he got significantly less sleep than I did.


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  1. Hello there brave souls, I’m a lurker, and I am keen about your trip; will follow you along -virtually. Speaking of Playa Del Carmen, Quinn & I enjoyed that quaint place… nice beach though heavily commercialized.

  2. Glad you have arrived safe and sound albeit tired. Looking forward to pictures!!! This is booked under my Vacation Ideas bookmark (LOL). Who knows!!

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