happily homeless


We had an awesome early morning bike ride to some Mayan ruins dating back to 2000 B.C. There was no gate, fence, visitor’s center, or even information plaque. Just a mound of ruins on the side of the road. With its wide steps leading up to it I imagined it to be some kind of temple. The dark cave-like rooms within the ruins were guarded by the ultra-poisonous (even more than rattle snakes) recluse spiders that were almost the size of my fist. Showing ontext in the picture would  have been nice but getting that close didnt appeal to me.  We returned to our small hotel for a Belizean breakfast of beans, warm fresh tortilla’s, cheese, avocado and scrambled eggs.

After attending a talk on the disappearance of the Mayans, the rest of the day was spent riding around (after Jim fixed my flat tire) exploring and looking for rentals. Tomorrow we are taking the 5am bus to Belize City and then on to Placencia in southern Belize to check it out. While Corozol is incredibly friendly, we are keeping our options open for now. I turned 51 today and I’m happily homeless. (except I cant figure out how to get the blasted pictures on. Will figure it out another day. I need to sleep)


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  1. It didn’t take either of you long to get back on a bike again. Thought the 1/2 Iron would keep you away for awhile. Hope you find the ideal location for your new home.

  2. Happy Birthday dear friend!!! I know the feeling you have . . . it’s like the 649 commercial . . . and this is just day 2!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday my dear sweet friend. Sounds like you’s are right at home being without the conventional structure of a house. It’s perfectly you! Great to have read some news. Keep it coming. Love, Huggie xo

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