Finding home


While on our way to Caye Caulker (with its approximate population of 600 people) we were required to stop on Ambergris Caye and switch boats. We weren’t interested in staying any longer than necessary as we generally gravitate towards rural peace and shy away from areas that are highly touristy  but we were there so we figured we might as well look around. The water was the quintessential Caribbean aqua; the white sandy beaches were littered with dive centers, little restaurants, and shops. People were motoring around the streets in their golf carts (they are San Pedro’s main mode of transport). The town was alive with activity and energy. As we walked we started to feel that this crazy tourist mecca might be a better fit for Max. He would have the fun of being in a town with things to do and we were as close as possible to the barrier reef for snorkel and scuba fun which we will all enjoy. (hence the flocking of tourists) On a whim we stopped and enquired about apartments for rent in a nice building overlooking the sea but I figured if there were any they would be well out of our price range. Polo, the owner said there was one unit available and astonishingly it was affordable. As we started walking up the outside stairs to see it my heart started to quicken. I loved the look and the color, I loved the feel, I loved the old world cemetery that it overlooked, and I especially loved the view  AND the high school is just around the corner. By the time we reached the third floor (there are four floors) and opened the apt. door, I could barely breathe. I loved it all.  By Canadian standards it is run-down but by Belizean standards it is high-end. Before the end of the day we had paid the rent and gotten the keys. Being on an island has its disadvantages; the food is much more expensive, going anywhere else costs money for the water taxi but the advantages for us are worth it. We went ahead to Caye Cauker because we had already bought the ticket but didn’t stay long. It was quaint, lovely, still touristy just much much smaller.  The half-hour boat ride back to Ambergris Caye was fast, bumpy, wet and serously adrenaline-pumping. It is the rainy season here now and the pilot was outrunning one of the frequent tropical storms that come up fast and furious. The next day we took the two hour water taxi back to Corozol to get our stuff. I will miss Corozol; its quiet streets and affable people where we have already made friends.  We packed up and we arrived for good in our new home this afternoon. So here we are – living by the sea in the heart of the main tourist destination in all of Belize. Who knew! (Trying desperately again to get pics on but the glitch in my system may have to be sorted out again by my dear daughter Sabrina.)


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  1. Tourists are usually seasonable, so the town will have it’s quiet times, I’m sure. From what I read about San Pedro it sounds like the perfect place for you and family. Groceries can be a weekly adventure. Bikes and walking are the main mode of transportation, along with golf carts. I love the motto “you won’t be a stranger for long”. I’m sure your involvement in the community will be one of their best assets, Arlene. Now you can relax and get to know your new neighborhood. Cheers.

  2. You are right Kevin. After even the time spent here now, i think it will be awesome. And it is in fact in quiet right now. Corn tortilla’s and bananas are bought every day. Thank you

  3. Wow, it all sounds so wonderful . I can’t wait to see pics! Oh, and belated ‘Happy Birthday”. Hope you had a great day .

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