Tarantulas, Iguana’s and Mud Puddles


San Pedro is only five miles from the end of the southern tip of the island. We hopped on our bikes to see what was there. Coincidently, as a side note – to do it again I definitely wouldn’t bring bikes with us.   I would buy a bike in Corozol for 200.00 Belizean dollars (100.00 Canadian). The local no-speed bikes here make our $200.00 Canadian Tire mountain bikes look way too super-duper. We are repeatedly cautioned not even to turn our backs without locking them. Within 15 minutes we had ridden off the cobbled street and onto the dirt road which was soon sandwiched between the sea shore and the lagoon (where we have been advised not to swim on account of the crocs).  Private luxury residences and small resorts are interspersed with areas of untouched beauty. Riding along he road itself was an adventure. On both sides there were ongoing holes of every size that we continually saw crabs scurry into . We stopped to look at a small (about 1 ½ inches) tarantula that in the middle of the road flipped on his back. Thinking it was dead, Jim turned him over with over with a stem of grass and was rewarded with a quick defensive snap before it scurried away. Lounging iguana’s ranging in size up to 2 feet long were plentiful. At one point I was close enough to almost touch one but didn’t try – they can bite. Near the end of the road, thinking we were riding through a normal mud puddle we quickly found it was some clay type glue that didn’t want to surrender my shoe once I had unintentionally disembarked my bike. Uggg.   And then we found the Marco Gonzalez Mayan ruins. It was a protected park that opened last year which we will visit another day as there was an entrance fee and it was closing shortly.  An awesome ride!


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  1. Not only a different country and culture but different animals, even earth than here. Live and learn, but by all means, stay alive!!

  2. Iguanas, I was told are delicacies in some tropical countries… although I haven’t tasted one, the meat is delicious, like chicken. Of course, in Florida, alligators are served for those brave souls who want to try them… Iguanas are the smaller version… I dare you try it 🙂

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