Leaving Home


I am continually amazed how quickly the body deteriorates into complete and utter grubbiness. Let me back up a few hours…

I took my diving certification in November of last year and didn’t get a chance to do my open water dive for full certification. I found out that too much time has elapsed. It will cost more for Max and I to re-certify in Belize than for me to fly back to Canada and take the free refresher courses and open water dives with Kanata Diving where we did our original courses. Combine that with the fact that I can work for a couple of weeks while there, escort Max and Jim’s mom to Belize through the maze of buses and intimidating Mexican officials and it didn’t take long to do the math.  Before you could say pass the salsa we had booked my flight home and I was in the open air on a jet boat travelling at mock speed for Mexico hanging on for dear life. Two hours later I stumbled off the boat with my hair looking like – there are no words, but not green like the poor girl across from me. After haggling with a taxi driver bent on soaking me I made my way to the bus terminal.  A four hour bus ride to Playa Del Carmen where I panicked thinking I had forgotten my pack somewhere and it was on my back  (not used to such a light pack), another bus to the Cancun airport, and yet another into Cancun central where I found a nearby hostel and will soon, god willing, have a shower. My flight is tomorrow afternoon, a night layover in Toronto and arriving in Ottawa Sunday morning. So after all the fond goodbyes and fare thee wells I will be back for a two week work trip sooner rather than later.  A little anti-climactic but there you have it. It will be nice to see you all. Oops…gotta go – the showers free!


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  1. you missed the tiny gecko which ran across the wall this morning. Travel safe my dear. Wish you were ‘home’. Love you xxoo

  2. Your experience is precisely why I gave up scuba diving after many years. As I was transferred around the country no one would acknowledge my license to scuba dive, although it was an international license. I had to take the course again, aka, a cash grab. I finally gave up and sold my equipment and never dove again. They’re all the same; greed !!!

  3. I have a number of certification in scuba. I love it. I know you will where you guys will be diving. Are you going to be back at my work for a couple of Thursday’s? Or what ever day.

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