A little Island hiccup


We had our first island glitch today. Sheila flies out tomorrow at 1:00 pm from Cancun. So today she needs to take the midnight bus from Corozol (on the mainland) to the Cancun airport which takes about 6 hours. The boat from San Pedro to Corozol leaves at 3:00 pm every day. It all works! Except there is no boat when there is engine trouble – as in today! Soooo…plan B. Take a different boat down to Belize City. Unfortunately it’s the wrong direction and an additional 4 hours on the bus, costs more money, and involves braving the lean, mean streets of Belize City again.  Jim is escorting his mom and will see her safely settled on the right bus. He will catch a boat back tomorrow.

Max and I are staying here and preparing for him to start school tomorrow.

We have bought his school uniform of long white pants, white shirt, black belt and shoes. I am sewing the school crest on the left pocket (that says San Pedro High, anchored in success) of his shirt as required. We have purchased his books (at a whopping $400.00).

Max feels a combination of nervous, excited, and wondering how “they will accept the gringo”. I feel like I did when he started kindergarten. I am sure that he will be fine and am gratified that he is giving it a go. Adults can appreciate the experience of attending school in a Central American country but for a 15 year old there is nothing fun about leaving the life you love and your friends. Even living by the sea and having the option to home school using Ontario distance online learning, he is constantly trying to negotiate a return home. We will see what the next week brings.


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  1. This experience is one of the best of your life, Max, and you will be forever grateful for it in the long run. Dive in and experience all the different things that come your way. It’s the new experiences that build character in us, also the mistakes we make along the way. You’ll look back on this year and realize it changed you in so many ways; all for the better for having to do the uncomfortable, the exciting, and the new. Sure, it will be fearful at times, but it’s the new and fearful that make us better people and more able to handle the trials later on in our lives. We all make errors and feel foolish at times, but looking back on my own life, those times were pretty minor in comparison to what I learned from those experiences. Take this opportunity to relish in those experiences and you’ll have no regrets later on.

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