School orientation day in Belize


This morning, when Max left for school,  it was reminiscent of his first day starting (grade 7) in the public system after years in a small private school in Perth. He set out for grade ten (or should I say 2nd form) boldly,  facing similar challenges.

I was getting ready when he said, “Mom, please don’t come with me”.

“No problem Maxie,” I replied.

“Please don’t call me Maxie,” he responded back with a long suffering look.

I saluted smartly. After he left I followed using my evade and duck surveillance technique. The open auditorium of the school is right on the beach and I thought about scaling a palm tree me Jane modus for my stake out but opted for huddling behind a group of 4 mothers watching their 1st form (grade 9) students instead.

As the white-clad kids arrived, I noticed some universal similarities.  Groups of girls gathered and giggled and hugged after summer holidays and groups of boys watched the girls gathering, giggling and hugging. Promptly at 7:50 am the assembly started. I watched until they were divided into classes and sent off to homeroom. Today is orientation, tomorrow is games and classes start Monday.

When Max arrived home, he smiled his bright smile and said in a surprised voice, “Well, that might not be so bad. Everybody in my class already knows my name. I’m popular “.


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  1. Kudos to Max for being such a good sport! Looks like the start of an exciting new chapter 🙂 Nancy xoxo
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  2. Wow just fantastic Arlene ! beautiful pic’s & AMAZING adventures I expected nothing less lol ! can’t wait to hear more , luv Nic

  3. Arlene, I love the story about Max! He looks so handsome ready for his first day of school! I see that you made use of my gecko, glad that you could!

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