Israel – Boots on the Ground


February 4th , Toronto Airport

I sit here at gate thirty in the far reaches of the Toronto airport. I am on the floor with my iPad plugged in to the support pole so I don’t use precious battery power even though, fortunately, my new solar charger arrived last night at the ninth hour. Other last minute stuff items were sun screen, sun glasses, and more pharmaceuticals. I am also wearing different clothes than planned on account of my recent eating habits.

My thoughts are with Jim and his family as they see to the cremation of his father today. The emotions that accompany and surround a significant loss combined with suddenly being on my way have left me feeling unsettled (not to mention the bizarre occurrence of seeing a large rat scurry across my kitchen floor this morning. I had no time to deal with it so I left a note for Colin). And there appears to be a slight ruckus nearby…loud, angry voices in a language I don’t understand. People are standing and looking but I’m staying down.

Feb. 5th , Ben Gurion Airport – Tel Aviv

Shortly after my last entry the ruckus died away, Jim called and filled me in and overall, I felt more settled. Then as people were boarding I was called behind the security counter where I was questioned for 30 minutes about my purpose in Israel, where I lived, what I did, how long, etc. by three different people. They were polite but intense. It was reassuring that safety is taken so seriously but  even knowing it was random selection of a solo traveller, it was a little disconcerting being the object of the questioning. I was the last person to board the plane minutes before take off. The 11 hour flight was uneventful and now I rest and write while I wait for Jennifer to arrive in a few hours. It cost me 348 Shekels ($140.00) to get an Israeli SIM card and a month with 1 Gigi of data.
Boots on the ground


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  1. Wishing you all the best in your and prayers for a fun and safe trip.Kathy

    Sent from my Sony Xperia™ smartphone

  2. Dear Arlene I have to get caught up on all your journeys and adventures, your such a remarkable young lady and I’m so very proud of you. I,m not the most computer savvy person but hope I,m able to now continue to follow your journey,s . I pray as you continue these wonderful amazing adventures that you will remain well and do so safely. Know your in my thoughts and prayers . Love Aunt Karen.

  3. All good things are never easy – as Nancy says, take your breaths. Have a wonderful walkabout!

    When you get home our house will most likely be sold. We bought a house outside Perth, near Otty Lake this week. Move in about May 2. We are in motion.

  4. Glad to see you are on your way . Have a terrific time . I will be thinking of you often …. If your ears are burning…….. Well, you know what that means .

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